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10 Things I Wish I Did Less


1. Watch mundane TV.

2. Endlessly tweak my website when I should just focus on ‘content’

3. Focusing on content when I could be ‘out there doing something’ instead.

4. Worry about encouraging people to ‘like my facebook page‘ or ‘join my newsletter‘, but I couldn’t help including the hyperlinks anyway.

5. Writing lists (the irony).

6. Spending time on trains. When I could run or walk.

7. Admin, forms, finance, paperwork etc.

8. Checking emails (once or twice a day would suffice!)…

9. …Guiltily, the same for Twitter and Facebook.

10. Sleep.

A useful exercise from time to time is to think about all the things that take up time, and are not important to you. Thankfully, I’m lucky enough not to have ‘work’ on that list.

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