James borrell is a conservation scientist and science communicator, with a particular interest in how species adapt to changing climate.

10,000 hits and that Monday morning feeling

It’s a Monday morning and I’ve got that all too infrequent Monday morning feeling; excitement…

Today’s commute is a two kilometer walk down the track. It’s important to be at work bright and early, lives might depend on it.

First job of the day is to check our array of small mammal traps, marking and releasing before the sun hots up. Each is like an individual inbox, opening up to see what’s been delivered overnight. Each critter is given a small coloured mark so that we can recognise them the next time. Look beyond their tendency to bite at the briefest opportunity, they are rather cute, despite most being rats of one species or another. There’s plenty of those wherever you are, so it’s really not that different.

Next up, we do the rounds. Navigating the maze of game trails across the bush, like the intersections of our bustling traffic system. Heading to carnivore stations, raked smooth patches of sand with a smelly predator attracting lure in the middle. Meticulously, we scan the sand for traces and tracks, reading the ground line by line, careful not to miss anything. A porcupine stood here, a jackal passed through to the right. We’ll later analyse for trends like rising and falling stocks, I’d exchange the city for the wilderness in an instant.

The sun beats down, we’re working to a deadline. Rather than a boss bearing down on us, we’d simply rather be back inside in the midday heat. We rest in the shade of an Acacia, our bushveld staff room, rehydrating. Kudu stare quizzically at us through the foliage, we’re an unusual sight traipsing through the undergrowth.

Whether it’s the field or back in the UK, the most rewarding thing in life is an opportunity to work hard at work worth doing. This is today’s office, and every day it looks different.

The next challenge is hanging on to that Monday morning feeling, every morning.

* * *

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