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200th Post


This blog has been through many incarnations over the two years since I began writing. However adventurous it might have seemed at the start, I certainly didn’t imagine I would end up writing a 200th post, but here it is.

For anyone whose turned up recently, here’s what this website is about.

A manifesto perhaps?

1. If you enjoy wild places, then lend a hand conserving them.

2. Conservation is great, but often short of money; so we ought to make sure there’s good science behind any decisions.

3. ..and science is for everyone (not just bearded chaps in white coats). That’s where the army of Citizen Scientists comes in.

4. Lastly, it can be quite an adventure too. If you don’t believe me, then take a look at these.

So, why not get involved, or get in touch!

Here’s some of the best bits..

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  1. Silverstick

    Congrats James, 200 is an awesome milestone!
    You have covered some great topics and been to some amazing places in those posts.
    Keep up the work – the more information we can have on these places and animals the more we can help conserve them.
    We try and do our bit by making your clothing from organic cotton and using azo free dyes, so you can feel good wearing your Silverstick while you’re out and about.
    Look forward to the next 200 posts!
    Sam (Silverstick)

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