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The Best and Worst Expedition Food


For those that know me, you’ll know I like to dabble in the kitchen. That too extends to expeditions in the field, although I can’t comment on my ability, most others aren’t alive to do so now either.

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8 reasons to go on your first expedition (and one not to)


Embarking on my first was a fluke. Back in the days of ‘msn’ I heard from a friend about an expedition to Svalbard. Sounded interesting, though I confess to not having a clue what Svalbard was..

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My Top Ten Photos


A few weeks ago I posted ten interesting photos as ranked by those clever folks at Flickr. I didn’t really agree with them, in fact, I think a lot of those photos are quite dull..

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The Importance of Expedition Hardships


I often get asked why I go on expeditions. What’s the point? Why put up with hardships and trials and bad days? Why go far away from the comforts of civilization and stability?

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6 Wild Places on my Wishlist


The more you know, the saying goes, that more you realise you know nothing. The same is true for traveling, I think..

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Two things I carried on my last expediton


Whilst packing for Oman I was aware that whatever I decided to take, I would probably have to carry. That’s a wonderful incentive for packing light.

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