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Using Dogs For Conservation (and how science is always full of surprises)


I’ve never worked with dogs, and I’ve not seen any used before in conservation. In these cases I sometimes put a question out to the Twittersphere which is infinitely knowledgeable on this sort of thing.

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Genetic Modification – Science vs Belief


Personally, I’m an environmentalist, conservationist and an advocate for GM food. I think that makes me relatively unusual.

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Getting Biodiverse About The Things We Eat


Just 15 crop plants, provide 90% of the world’s food energy intake. Just three – rice, maize and wheat – make up two-thirds of human food consumption.

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A Short Video About Deforestation In Zambia


I passed through Southern Zambia late last year, and my abiding memory is charcoal stalls dotted along the roads every mile or so.

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To restore our natural world, conservation is the last thing we need


One interpretation of the term ‘conservation’, is to keep things the same as they are. This, I would argue, is precisely the last thing that we need to reach the lofty goal of a healthy and sustainable natural world.

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Invited to Speak at TEDxQMUL


TED is all about spreading ideas, and the simple message that I’d like to share is about optimism and hope in conservation.

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Tree Planting and Forest Conservation Charities


Tree planting is, in my view, one of the simplest and best things you can do to support conservation.

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