James borrell is a conservation scientist and science communicator, with a particular interest in how species adapt to changing climate.

6 Mantras I Try To Live By

There’s certainly lots of reasons not to work in conservation. You’re unlikely to get rich or find job security. Your career might feel like elaborate environmental triage. People might think you’re a bit nutty. In the end, you’ll probably fail (but are unlikely ever to admit it).

Nevertheless it’s a wonderful thing to do and an amazingly motivated community of people to be part of. It makes me excited for Monday mornings. It makes me feel like I have something to do with my life, rather than just doing life – and there are occasional success stories. Here’s a few mantras that I’ve picked up or been sent by friends. They vary in corny-ness, but invariably manage to hit the nail on the head.

Work hard at work worth doing

Twenty Years From Now

Seth Godin