James borrell is a conservation scientist and science communicator, with a particular interest in how species adapt to changing climate.

A few favourites

Since plunging headfirst into the world of websites and blogging, a welcome and somewhat unanticipated outcome has been stumbling across a lot of very interesting people.

Writers, photographers, adventurers, entrepreneurs, students, explorers and scientists, all studying the world through a variety of different lenses and thoroughly different perspectives.

Here’s a few recent images and articles that I’ve most enjoyed, and I think you might too.

  • Adventurer and all-round good guy Al Humphreys writes about A slice of salami during his Atlantic Row. Anyone whose had the pleasure of expedition rations will sympathise (and never complain again!).
  • Photographer Luke Massey has been churning out some fantastic photos, my favorite is the Great Crested Grebe above which he kindly let me use in this article. It’s well worth visiting his site to see some more of his brilliant shots.
  • At long last I finally met Kate Macrae (a.k.a. Wildlife Kate) earlier this month. Kate runs a website about all the wildlife she finds in her garden. It’s an inspirational insight into quite what you can do in your local area, she gets kids involved too! My favorite has to be her newest live camera – positioned on a Long Tailed Tit’s nest.
  • Scientists at work: Notes from the field – An excellent blog, hosted by the New York Times, where you can read about scientists and expeditions around the world. Incidentally, I keep reading it in the hope I could one day write for it…
  • Dr Jonny Miller – A first hand account of wildlife and conservation in the Neotropics.

Photo: Copyright Luke Massey Images