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A Leopard For Every Student

Over the course of this week I’ve spoken to a little over 250 students, and made the most of some rather tasty school dinners. Thanks Ellie!

I spoke about expeditions, fieldwork and the opportunities available to young people (and why you should take them!).

One of my favourite topics to talk about is the Dhofar Mountains. I like to show people places that they have never heard of, and beautiful animals they didn’t know existed. I feel really lucky to have that opportunity.

A good example of this is the Arabian leopard, a critically endangered big cat, which now occupies a tiny fraction of it’s previous range across the Middle East. So it’s sad to think that I’ve spoken to more students this week than there are Arabian leopards left, in the entire world. Two big classrooms-worth. That’s all!

But it gives me a glimmer of hope to think that, hopefully, there are 250 more young people who will remember these images, and know this wonderful animal exists before it disappears.

One of the first images from the 2012 expedition.


Even better images from the follow-up 2013 expedition.


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