Africa Overland Series

Tackling deforestation in Northern Zambia with WeForest

When I think of forest conservation, what often springs to mind is tray upon tray of neatly propagated seedlings and the laborious work of planting them out. But this kind of conservation is only a fraction of the WeForest vision here in Zambia.

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Solving conflicts in cheetah country (with a little help from man’s best friend)

I’m writing this from the shade of an enormous baobab tree in Botswana’s Tuli block. Towering like a monolith, the ancient bark is grey and wrinkled like elephant skin, and its girth must be seven or eight meters, much like an elephant too.

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Does Swaziland Hold the Secret to Tackling Rhino Poaching?

“You pay to come here as a tourist, to see these animals” said Lucky with the glow of the campfire illuminating his face. “That money pays for rangers like me, which means I can support my family and the community outside the park”.

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