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Ratargul Swamp Forest Sylhet.

“I will continue to plant until my last breath”


It’s a lesson in simplicity, persistence and dreams (it ought to be compulsory reading for conservationists!).

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Scotland Seems To Be In The Midst Of Indecision Rain 9180340611 L

Three Species We Could Rewild Right Now (and barely cause a fuss)


Now of course, debate is good and essential, but lots of talking means not very much rewilding.

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Lake Inari Huge Cold Crystal Clear And Surrounded By Forest 9349538243 L

How Whales Change The Climate


Sometimes, an action or event in one place can have consequences you couldn’t have imagined in another.

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A Conservation Classic: How Wolves Change Rivers


I find myself repeating an abridged version quite often when I make the case for predator reintroduction to Scotland (or at least a higher rate of deer culling!).

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To restore our natural world, conservation is the last thing we need


One interpretation of the term ‘conservation’, is to keep things the same as they are. This, I would argue, is precisely the last thing that we need to reach the lofty goal of a healthy and sustainable natural world.

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Is Rewilding The UK Really A Good Idea?


There’s nothing quite like mentioning rewilding to really put the cat among the pigeons (or the lynx among the grouse as it were).

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