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Friday Photo: Telemetry


Wildlife documentaries make finding wildlife look easy, I can assure you it’s not. Whilst in South Africa I had the chance to search for a radio collared lioness. To cut a long story short..

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Friday Photo: Lone Waterbuck


As the name suggests, Waterbuck are heavily dependent on water, rarely venturing more than a few kilometers away from rivers or waterholes..

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Friday Photo: Zulu the orphaned Meerkat


Say hi to Zulu, the orphaned Meerkat. His mother had been killed on a road, with Zulu left sitting on the verge. A kind passer-by brought him to..

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Friday Photo: Cheetah


Cheetah are not doing well. Everyone knows about their fabled speed and agility, but few realise quite how fragile they are. Many of us have seen them in zoo’s..

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Friday Photo: Blue Wildebeest


Yesterday, for the first time in two months, I woke up in frosty England, a world away from Africa. Having grown up in the urban wilderness of North Essex..

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12 Things I’ll miss about South Africa


My time in South Africa is rapidly drawing to a close, tomorrow I fly home to a chilly but festive England. Here’s 12 things I’ll miss about the rainbow nation..

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Friday Photo: Rhino Monitoring


It was a Tuesday, the day after I wrote about That Monday morning feeling, and we left early to check our small mammal traps. En route we came across this male White Rhino..

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Friday Photo: Speaking at a school in South Africa


As part of the work on UmPhafa Reserve we work with local schools and the community. Recently, I was able to visit the school in Colenso..

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On Fences: A uniquely South African approach to conservation

I dream of wide open spaces, the wild places. Africa, I had imagined, would have more than it’s fair share of these..

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10,000 hits and that Monday morning feeling


It’s a Monday morning and I’ve got that all too infrequent Monday morning feeling; excitement..

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Friday Photo: African Plains


A lone tree stands simply on the plains.

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Friday Photo: Verraux’s Eagle

This photo of Verreaux’s Eagle (or The Black Eagle) was taken at Raptor Ridge on the edge of the Drakensberg Mountains. Here, it swooped down..

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