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Looking for something different?


Starting a website has been a learning curve full of surprises and revelations. One of the biggest surprises has been that (a few) people actually read it..

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When to blog and when to stop


It would be both foolhardy, misguided and a bit daft to believe that running this website was a selfless endeavor. That blogging about the ‘things I get up to’ were so noteworthy..

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Words from the White Continent


“We are weak, writing is difficult, but for my own sake I do not regret this journey, which has shown that Englishmen can endure hardships, help one another, and meet death..

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Captain Scott

Around a year ago, I became involved with the International Scott Centenary Expedition. I was lucky to be selected as one of ten candidates to possibly join the team in Antarctica in 2012..

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It was not a race


One of the biggest misconceptions about the Terra Nova Expedition, is that it was intended as a race to reach the South Pole. The expedition was in fact primarily scientific, and vastly increased..

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Imagine, crawling on your hands and knees in the pitch-black confines of a tunnel, 80 feet below ground. Hours have passed since you last saw the sun and the sky, mud and rock surrounds you.

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A few things I’ll miss about Exeter

The rolling West Country hills of Devon have been my adopted home for the last three years. A far cry from the commuter plains of Essex, but as with all good things, my time in Exeter is coming to an end.

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