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Europe’s Stray Dogs


Europe’s Stray Dogs

Traveling across Eastern Europe, stray dogs are a common sight in many towns and cities. None more so than in Romania, where they are somewhat of an epidemic.

A healthy caution is always a good idea, but we found most to be pretty harmless and rather oblivious to anything going on around them (although I’ve heard they often react rather differently to cyclists!). Nevertheless, there have been hundreds of bites and attacks, urging the Romanian government to take action.

Shortly after we left Romania, a cull was proposed to combat the problem. Whilst I have to agree – Bucharest is overrun –  it’s also worth remembering that the strays aren’t just semi-wild mongrels, there’s a rather surprising variety of breeds, many just unwanted pets.

I’ve forgotten now where this chap was living, but I do remember a kind old lady coming out to feed him scraps.

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