James borrell is a conservation scientist and science communicator, with a particular interest in how species adapt to changing climate.

Expedition Update: Old and New

Having just returned to base camp from a several day foray into the Wadi, I wanted to take the opportunity to thank all our team members who will have recently arrived back to the UK.

This expedition has been fortunate in a number of ways. We’re based in an incredibly rich and diverse ecosystem, have the help and support of our Omani counterparts and have the opportunity to make a real and valuable contribution to our limited scientific knowledge about this area. Crucially though, we need the enthusiasm and drive to make it work.

This year for the first time, a team of Society members from past BSES expeditions joined us in the field. With a wealth of experience matched in bucket loads by a keenness to get stuck in, they were a hugely valued asset to the team. For many, their first taste of expedition life was at a young age with BSES in a variety of far flung corners of the globe, having stayed involved with the Society ever since.

Not only were they fully involved with all our research themes (as the big pile of survey sheets will testify!), they also pursued their own diverse interests, the star of which has to be an extensive inventory of butterfly species recorded by Charles Tomalin.

So in conclusion, on behalf of everyone out here, thank you for all your hard work. My fondest memory of the expedition so far has to be the entire team, both old members and new, crowded around the bonnet of our desert 4×4’s peering in at a laptop sharing the success of our Empty Quarter camera trapping campaign. I look forward to sharing with you our success in the wadi, and seeing you all again in England.

James Borrell

Chief Scientist

P.S. Thanks for all the rations you left behind

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