James borrell is a conservation scientist and science communicator, with a particular interest in how species adapt to changing climate.

Expedition Update: Chief Leader

All is quiet again in base camp as the two groups left for the final time. The explorer team led by Tino will be away for 3 or 4 nights depending on how long it takes them to travel the full length of our now familiar wadi, collecting the camera traps that we had previously laid.
We have high hopes that these traps will produce more exciting photos of Leopard and Hyena and maybe other mammals to add to our extensive collection obtained throughout the expedition.

The science team will travel up the wadi a short distance for 3 nights to finish the bird, butterfly, reptile and dragonfly surveys. The data collected by the two groups will help prove what an important habitat this wadi is with a greater diversity of wildlife than previously imagined.

As we near the end of the expedition everyone is getting tired, but the enthusiasm and excitement for our results remains undaunted.


Chief Leader

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