James borrell is a conservation scientist and science communicator, with a particular interest in how species adapt to changing climate.

Expedition Update: Exploring the Wadi

We headed up to the plane that runs the full length of the Wadi, with the aim of finding access points that lead down to the Wadi floor enabling us to survey with greater ease, bypassing some of the difficult terrain in the valley.

It was a difficult few days but on the first night we camped outside of a small town called Hakap, when we went in to fill our jerry cans with water we got invited by a local into her house for tea. We managed to find two viable routes in to the Wadi, one at the top end and the other half way along. We tried a possible third path but it turned out to be a near impossible task to navigate and wouldn’t be possible with science equipment or large packs.  At the base of the second path there is a water trough that gets refilled from a large tank outside of Hakap, this is key for us as we need to have access to water in able to perform thorough surveys of the immediate areas.

We returned to Base Camp yesterday pleased with our work knowing that when we head back out in a few days we will be able to perform our task to the best of our ability.

Tomorrow we have the Director of the Omani Botanical Gardens coming to join us for few days to teach us the correct methodology for collecting different plant species in order to expand the growing collection in the Oman Botanic Gardens.

We’ll update again in a few days time.

Paul and Kiran.

Chief Leader Update:

With today as a rest day after the big effort everyone put in over the last few days Tino, normally the Doc tried his hand at cooking Chapattis for lunch which were enjoyed by all the leaders. Buoyed by this success he then fried the potatoes which were supplied by Waheed our Omani scientist and is now our frying doctor.


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