James borrell is a conservation scientist and science communicator, with a particular interest in how species adapt to changing climate.

6 Frequently Asked Questions From Aspiring Conservationists

Over the last year I’ve tried to use my blog to offer encouragement, and a little advice, to aspiring conservationists. I definitely don’t have all the answers, but I’ve learned a lot over the past few years through healthy trial and error.

I thought I’d share some of the most common questions I get asked…

I’m planning a conservation project/expedition, where can I find grants/funding?

Projects or expeditions that have a conservation aim, open up a lot more possible opportunities for funding. There’s a by no means exhaustive list here, with links to more regularly updated databases. Another alternative is crowdfunding.


I’m trying to find work opportunities in conservation, any advice or ideas?

There’s no magic bullet I’m afraid. Volunteer for conservation charities. Read lots of conservation blogs. Search around for any opportunity, however small, to get your foot in the door. Try your hand at citizen science. Make the effort to go to talks or events like explore, chat to as many people as possible. Some more advice, here.


I’m planning to go on my first expedition. Do you have any advice?

Good for you. Not really, other than enjoy yourself, it looks like you’ve got everything covered already! Don’t forget to email me and let me know how you got on! If you’re still searching around for the right opportunity, then here’s some things to think about.


Are you available to give talks?

Yes! more info here.


I’m starting a blog, do you have any advice or suggestions?

Just start writing. Don’t spend as long as I have tinkering with designs or layouts. Write good, original, honest material, and the readers will follow. It doesn’t happen immediately, and I’m still trying follow my own advice! This article might be useful.

Email me a link!


How did you get involved in conservation/expeditions?

Sort of by accident. The short version is that I thought it would impress girls, which led to spending a month in beautiful Madagascar – which put everything in perspective. The long version is here.

(And a few of the more exotic enquiries)

Can I write an article for your website? It just needs to have a really dodgy looking hyperlink in, is that OK?

I can make you No. 1 on Google for free! Call me for a quote though, OK?

How are you sir am Abdulla syed i need Mumtaz tea Bags 100 x 36 i need 5 x 40ft containers you have stock available can you send me your best price?

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