James borrell is a conservation scientist and science communicator, with a particular interest in how species adapt to changing climate.

Friday Photo: Kosovo

Perhaps rightly so, we were a little apprehensive of passing through Kosovo on our journey from London to Istanbul. In fact, given recent unrest in the Northern area around Mitrovica we had decided to avoid the country all together. That was of course until we took the harrowing character building journey across Northern Albania. Reluctant to return the way we came along unnerving cliffside roads and unable to head South as the Kukes road had fallen into disrepair, our only other option was forward into Kosovo and to the new Kosovo-Albanian highway which could take us down to Tirana.

I’m glad we did, because otherwise we might still have the impression that Kosovo is an unfriendly best-avoided place. The borders were a breeze, the people friendly, the towns historic and impressive. Based on our experiences, I would also hazard a guess that Kosovo has the largest variety of delicious cakes, baklavas and sweet things anywhere in Europe. We left contented.


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