Genetic Modification – Science vs Belief


Personally, I’m an environmentalist, conservationist and an advocate for GM food. I think that makes me relatively unusual.

Although I can be quite opinionated on this kind of thing, I have no problem at all with anyone who disagrees with me, provided that they have a sensible reason.

The fantastic (if a little long) video below does a great job of showing just how silly some of the anti-GM arguments are. Well worth a watch.

It’s a controversial topic, so feel free to give it to me in the comments with both barrels…

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  1. Rob Yorke (@blackgull)
    Rob Yorke (@blackgull)07-25-2015

    Not that unusual James. There’s more out there than you think. It’s just that those who love nature and hunt, like rewilding but without Monbiot’s anti farmer rhetoric or get organic and think GM is great, aren’t that easy to stick in pre-populated boxes. Rather than follow partisan press releases, we have independent thought that needs to be heard.
    It’s time we spoke up.
    Best, Rob

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