Lionfish and the Harsh Reality of Conservation


Continuing with my recent theme of showing exactly what is sometimes involved in conservation – in an effort to achieve the best outcome for ecosystems and biodiversity – I had to share these videos.

Uncomfortable viewing for animal lovers, but do you try and care for individuals, or protect whole species or ecosystems?

Lionfish Overrun Sunken Airplane!How bad is the lionfish invasion in the northern Gulf of Mexico? To get an idea, watch this video showing a diver removing dozens of these invasive fish from a single artificial reef off Pensacola.Want to get involved? Join #GuyHarvey for “Lionfish Removal and Awareness Day” on Saturday, May 16th at Plaza de Luna Park in Pensacola. Go here for more information: event is sponsored by MyFWC, Guy Harvey Magazine, Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation, and the Gulf Coast Lionfish Coalition – GCLC. Video Credit: Alex Fogg, Coast Watch Alliance

Posted by Guy Harvey on Wednesday, May 6, 2015

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  1. Walacea

    Confused, what do they plan to do with these lion fish?

    • James_Borrell

      Mainly, remove them by killing them. They voraciously eat everything, so are a pretty serious invasive species.

      This site is a bit biased, but it’s one side of the coin:

      • Walacea

        Interesting, thank you for sharing the article. It seems like they are fighting a losing battle by trying to manually catch them if they breed so quickly! Hopefully a more efficient solution will be found soon.

  2. James_Borrell

    Quite right, I think in some areas though there has almost been a citizen science flavor to it where big dive clubs go out and catch hundreds at a time.

    In some areas they are also encouraging them as food, e.g. fillet of Lionfish!

    • Walacea

      Interesting! Have local fishermen been involved in taking boats out to support diving efforts? I assume they benefit from the conservation activity and restaurant owners in tourist spots must also benefit too if divers supply fish. I think a rewards based citizen science crowdfunding project could work quite well for this kind of project…

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