Captain Scott

2012-05-10T18:17:02+01:00By |

Around a year ago, I became involved with the International Scott Centenary Expedition. I was lucky to be selected as one of ten candidates to possibly join the team in Antarctica in 2012..

It was not a race

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One of the biggest misconceptions about the Terra Nova Expedition, is that it was intended as a race to reach the South Pole. The expedition was in fact primarily scientific, and vastly increased..

A Year In Review…

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Huge thanks to everyone who has followed this blog over the past twelve months, and I hope you'll keep reading into 2012. It's been a hugely exciting year, so here's a run down..

Keeping Scott’s Promise

2012-05-11T16:19:06+01:00By |

A few months ago I sat writing an essay entitled 'Why Captain Scott is important to me'. I'm glad I did, since then I've been lucky enough to become involved with the International Scott Centenary Expedition..

Polar Helen

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Helen Turton has inspired dozens of young people (myself included) to embrace the great outdoors. She has a self-confessed love of the polar regions..

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