Captain Scott

Captain Scott

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Around a year ago, I became involved with the International Scott Centenary Expedition. I was lucky to be selected as one of ten candidates to possibly join the team in Antarctica in 2012..

Sledges and the Countryside

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Here in the UK we have huge sprawling cities, tens of millions of people and all the trappings of civilization. As such, I am hugely relieved that one can spend four days traveling, even with a car, and still regain that same sense of adventure that you might find half way around the world..

Keeping Scott’s Promise

2012-05-11T16:19:06+01:00By |

A few months ago I sat writing an essay entitled 'Why Captain Scott is important to me'. I'm glad I did, since then I've been lucky enough to become involved with the International Scott Centenary Expedition..


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The British Schools Exploring Society, is a youth development charity, based at the Royal Geographical Society, London.

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