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On Fences: A uniquely South African approach to conservation

I dream of wide open spaces, the wild places. Africa, I had imagined, would have more than it’s fair share of these..

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10,000 hits and that Monday morning feeling


It’s a Monday morning and I’ve got that all too infrequent Monday morning feeling; excitement..

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Friday Photo: African Plains


A lone tree stands simply on the plains.

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The Invisible Amazon: Photos from remote camera traps

Whilst working in the Amazon this summer, I was privileged to be surrounded by a staggering array of wildlife. Caiman cruised the depths..

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Friday Photo: Verraux’s Eagle

This photo of Verreaux’s Eagle (or The Black Eagle) was taken at Raptor Ridge on the edge of the Drakensberg Mountains. Here, it swooped down..

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The Jaguar

Perhaps the most Iconic image we brought home from the Amazon..

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Friday Photo #2: The Acacia

The Acacia is perhaps one of the most iconic of African trees, standing tall and proud..

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In the footsteps of a Leopard

Conservation can be a tricky business. One of the best approaches is simply to leave things alone, but unfortunately in many cases, that avenue is simply no longer available..

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11 things I’ve learnt whilst living in South Africa


Living and working at Umphafa Reserve has been a steep learning curve, and great fun. Here’s a few tips I’ve picked up since I arrived..

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South Africa

UmPhafa Reserve, Kwa-Zulu Natal, is home for the next two months. I first saw a conservation project at work in the rainforests of Eastern Madagascar.

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The Ghost of Arabia


Despite it being an unusually warm day for October, it remains difficult to sit comfortably in a Derbyshire village and plan a desert expedition..

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Goodbye Milkround


As an ambitious young undergraduate, I quickly signed up to Milkround on the promise of employment and prospects. A helpful summary of all the graduate jobs I should be applying for..

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