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Empty Quarter Expedition: Kit


An expedition doesn’t start in the field. It begins months (probably years) before with hushed conversations, excitable research and lists, lists, lists..

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The Empty Quarter Expedition: History


The Sultanate of Oman is a unique land in the Arabian Peninsula, home to mankind for millennia. Despite Oman’s largely arid and formidable terrain, it is home to..

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The Invisible Amazon: Photos from remote camera traps

Whilst working in the Amazon this summer, I was privileged to be surrounded by a staggering array of wildlife. Caiman cruised the depths..

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The Ghost of Arabia


Despite it being an unusually warm day for October, it remains difficult to sit comfortably in a Derbyshire village and plan a desert expedition..

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The Peruvian Amazon Expedition


With a laden rucksack and my mind buzzing with anticipation, I head off to London Heathrow. Before I know it (after three flights, two boats and a hefty walk) I’ll be immersed in the Amazon rainforest..

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The Scott Scholarship Sledge Pull [Reccy!]

I am writing from the banks of Loch Ness en route ever further North, to the very top of our Island. Come September, John O Groats will mark the starting point for one of the largest collaborative fundraising challenges the nation has ever seen.

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Keeping Scott’s Promise


A few months ago I sat writing an essay entitled ‘Why Captain Scott is important to me’. I’m glad I did, since then I’ve been lucky enough to become involved with the International Scott Centenary Expedition..

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Heading Home

Our train slows to a stop and passengers bustle forth. The platform is consumed in a wave of commuters, we pile out of the carriage, unwieldy luggage in tow..

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The Amazon

Amazon… a single word can encompass so much that it’s difficult to know where to begin. The greatest river, the largest rainforest, home to 10% of all known species; but statistics and facts probably don’t do it justice..

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