London to Istanbul

Camping in Crimea

2014-01-26T16:13:02+00:00By |

Arriving in Simferopol train station, we hunted around for the best map we could find, caught a ride on reputedly the world's longest trolly-bus route and then got off in the middle of nowhere.

Friday Photo: Kosovo

2012-09-16T11:14:42+01:00By |

Perhaps rightly so, we were a little apprehensive of passing through Kosovo on our journey from London to Istanbul. In fact, given recent unrest in the Northern area around Mitrovica we had decided to avoid the country all together.

Follow the Journey

2012-06-10T06:58:29+01:00By |

Well we're off via a ferry from Harwich in search of beautiful and wild Eastern Europe, and there's been an exciting last minute development on the trip.

The Next Adventure

2012-06-07T11:54:56+01:00By |

There's something about looking at a map and hatching a plan, the inevitable pre-departure kit explosion, excitement at all the possibilities, and then hoicking on a rucksack and going.

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