The Empty Quarter

In early 2012 I led the scientific fieldwork on a two month expedition to the Empty Quarter and Dhofar Mountains of Southern Oman. Here our team worked in collaboration with Omani rangers, scientists and students to understand and survey the biodiversity of this unique and threatened area. We were also fortunate to find evidence of the critically endangered Arabian Leopard, a species thought to number less than 250 individuals scattered across Arabia.

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Oman Borrell003

The Central Desert Botanic Expedition


..this cruel land can cast a spell which no temperate clime can match.

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Oman Camp Fire Team

Citizen Science And How Expeditions Can Leave A Lasting Legacy


From the swarms of crabs rolling across the beach, the militant camels that would raid our flour supplies, evening camp fires with our new Omani friends and of course the jet black night sky…

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A Leopard For Every Student


I like to show people places that they have never heard of, and beautiful animals they didn’t know existed. I feel really lucky to have that opportunity.

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Oman 2013 Expedition Video


P.s. If you’d never heard of Dhofar, and are now glad that you have, then please do share this video.

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Looking Back On The Empty Quarter Expedition


A new year and a new expedition.

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Two things worth saying


and if you put them together, this is what it boils down to.

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Two things I carried on my last expediton


Whilst packing for Oman I was aware that whatever I decided to take, I would probably have to carry. That’s a wonderful incentive for packing light.

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Friday Photo: Unexpected Visitors


They say that a camel can smell water. I’m not sure if that’s true, but they do have a knack of turning up at camp..

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More information:

The British Schools Exploring Society will be leading a return expedition to Oman in 2013, this will attempt to build on our current knowledge and further the conservation effort underway. There are a number of places available on this expedition, find out more.

Available for Speaking Events:

James is currently available to speak about the Empty Quarter Expedition and the challenges facing conservation in Oman. He has experience presenting to a wide variety of audiences from students to professionals. Talks are tailored to specific events and can cover a variety of topics drawing on experiences from expeditions and research to aspects of motivation and team development, illustrated with photography. Visit my speaking page for more information.

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