Peruvian Amazon

In a small corner of the Pacaya-Samiria Reserve in North-Eastern Peru, I spent the summer working with local scientists to increase our understanding and help manage the forest. I and the other members of our team were welcomed with unparalleled kindness. Men who had once stalked these forests as poachers, now worked as field guides. The march of deforestation and oil exploration continues, but is fought at every turn.

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9 Things I’ll miss about living in the rainforest


For some reason, whenever I land back at London Heathrow it’s always raining. Four days before I’d been trekking through dense rainforest, leaving behind me a science camp that had been home for the past month..

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The Peruvian Amazon Expedition


With a laden rucksack and my mind buzzing with anticipation, I head off to London Heathrow. Before I know it (after three flights, two boats and a hefty walk) I’ll be immersed in the Amazon rainforest..

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Heading Home

Our train slows to a stop and passengers bustle forth. The platform is consumed in a wave of commuters, we pile out of the carriage, unwieldy luggage in tow..

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48 Hours


48 hours after becoming involved with the Amazon expedition, I found myself piling kit into a rucksack and heading North for Windermere..

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The Amazon

Amazon… a single word can encompass so much that it’s difficult to know where to begin. The greatest river, the largest rainforest, home to 10% of all known species; but statistics and facts probably don’t do it justice..

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