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The Vernissage (where we almost bought a puppy)




The Vernissage

If you find yourself in Yerevan on the weekend, then head down the the bustling Vernissage. There’s an Armenian saying that roughly translates that ‘you could even find a snakes egg’ in the vernissage. Maybe it loses something in the translation, but you get the idea of quite what an eclectic mix of stalls there is.

Right at the back, there’s a small area for pets. Mostly puppies and kittens, but some other animals too. It took all our might to stop ourselves from buying the lovely little guy in the picture above.

Visiting markets is one of my favourite parts of traveling, because it’s a great way of getting a feel for a country. The artwork, carving and jewelery in Yerevan is particularly impressive.

I’m afraid that I still think my favourite is the aptly named ‘Grand Market’ in Moldova. Any other recommendations?

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