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Vision for Nature Conference, 5th-6th September, Cambridge


It’s been a quiet few weeks on the blogging front, as I’m not a very good multitasker and I’ve been focusing on building up a new project. But in other news I’m really excited to have been invited to speak at the Vision for Nature conference, coming up in Cambridge this weekend.

I think it’s just the sort of thing young aspiring conservationists need to help them spread their wings and learn about how to make a difference in the field. Find out more about the conference here.

I’m speaking in the 13:30 session on Friday about getting started in conservation alongside Niall McCann and Neil Prem, and ably organized by my friend Nick Askew who set up

Secondly, I’ll be running a workshop on Saturday all about online communications for conservation (fairly apt that I’m blogging about this then).

If you’re around at the conference, please do come and say HI.

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  1. Nick Askew
    Nick Askew09-03-2014

    Looking forwards to a great conference James. Thanks for helping out! Nick

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