James borrell is a conservation scientist and science communicator, with a particular interest in how species adapt to changing climate.

Website Feedback

I’ve been running this website for a little over three years now. I started off with a few stories I wanted to share, and and very little idea of how to go about it.

Slowly, I’ve tried to develop it into a resource for aspiring conservation biologists, as well as a blog about my expeditions, fieldwork and conservation projects. I’ve enjoyed watching my readership grow too, and I recently published my stats for 2013.

But things can always be improved. So I’d like my readers to tell me how I can do better.

Please feel free to tell me what you think in the comments. Or if some questions are easier, here’s some things I’m hoping to find out.

1. Is this your first time here, or are you a regular?

2. What works and what doesn’t work? Is my website easy to use, do you get lost or are there too many pages?

3. What sort of articles do you most enjoy: ‘How to’, Photoblogs, Motivation, List and Tips, Citizen Science, Conservation Ideas or anything else?

4. Which posts do you not enjoy, any of the above or anything else?

5. If you could improve one thing about this site, what would it be?

6. Anything else at all that you think might be useful.

Thanks for the feedback, I really do appreciate it!

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