James borrell is a conservation scientist and science communicator, with a particular interest in how species adapt to changing climate.

Website Statistics from 2013

Being a bit of a nerd, I find following my website ‘statistics’ rather fascinating. It tells me which articles were interesting, and which were rubbish. The process of writing and laying out ideas, realising they don’t make sense, and revising them is surprisingly helpful.

With most of these statistics, I have nothing to compare them to aside from past few years of running my blog. All I can see in amongst the huge peaks and deep troughs is a slow and fairly steady increase in readership, which really means a great deal to me.

So, over to the stats (hastily trawled from google analytics and wordpress.org).

Visitor Numbers and Habits

  • Number of unique visitors this year: 30,000
  • Average number of pages visited: 3.23
  • Bounce rate: 3.38%
  • Best Day: 1384 visits
  • Unique pageview: 53,800
  • Total pageviews: 122,500
  • New Visitors (68%) Vs Returning Visitors (32%)

Top 5 Countries with the Most Visits

Just over half of my visits were from the UK. Many of the others were English speaking countries which is probably unsurprising. Interestingly though, I seem to get a lot of visitors from India, a country I would love to visit!

1. UK
2. USA
3. India
4. Canada
5. Australia

Most Read Articles

Here’s the list of my 13 most popular articles from 2013.

Sites That Referred Lots Of Readers To Me


Some Common/Entertaining Search Terms That Found My Site

There were a lot of variations on these, with a particular fascination for this Sloth article.

  • ‘dissertation topics’ / ‘dissertation ideas’
  • ‘dhofar mountains’
  • ‘rainforest canopy’
  • ‘citizen science projects 2013’
  • ‘reasons to go on an expedition’
  • ‘pygmy 3 toed sloth habitat’
  • ‘escudo veraguas lobster fishing’, ‘upcoming omani fashion shows details 2013’ (my favourite), ‘best rubber boots for queensland rainforest’, ‘momtaz tea’, ‘dissertation का टोपिक’

Most Commented Posts

Generally I don’t tend to get that many comments, whether that’s down to traffic, website layout or boring blog posts!

Most Used Browsers

1. Chrome
2. Safari
3. Firefox
4. Internet Explorer


A basic breakdown of where my website traffic comes from…

1. Google search (roughly 50%)
2. Direct – People typing in www.jamesborrell.com (18%)
3. Buffer, mostly Twitter (9%)
4. Stumbleupon (9%)
5. Facebook (7%)
6. Linkedin (4%)
7. Lots of others… e.g. Bing, WordPress, Yahoo, Feedburner, Ask etc…

The Blogs I’ve Most Enjoyed Reading (instead of writing mine)

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