A Week on the Hills

2012-10-01T23:41:54+01:00By |

One of the subtleties of the Scottish landscape is that everything is described as a hill. I've spent the last week up there (in the rain) on a variety of those hills doing a final spot of fieldwork before Winter closes in and covers everything in a few feet of snow.

Friday Photo: Kosovo

2012-09-16T11:14:42+01:00By |

Perhaps rightly so, we were a little apprehensive of passing through Kosovo on our journey from London to Istanbul. In fact, given recent unrest in the Northern area around Mitrovica we had decided to avoid the country all together.

My Top Ten Photos

2014-11-08T12:40:39+00:00By |

A few weeks ago I posted ten interesting photos as ranked by those clever folks at Flickr. I didn't really agree with them, in fact, I think a lot of those photos are quite dull..

Friday Photo: Into the Amazon

2012-05-23T21:29:18+01:00By |

Traveling from the UK to our research camp in the Peruvian Amazon last year took four long days. By far the most enchanting part of the expedition was journeying from the bustling jungle city of Iquitos up into the Amazon's smaller headwaters..

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