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James is a highly acclaimed speaker, presenting to students, the public, scientists and corporate clients. With more than a decade of experience in conservation, and numerous expeditions from the rainforest to the arctic, James has a unique and profoundly optimistic outlook. Rather than proffering simple sound-bite solutions, James’s presents a global perspective, with all it’s complexity and nuance, but makes it relatable to our every day lives.

Should we worry about pesticides or plastic, climate change or conservation? How does it affect me? What can an ordinary person do? Using his track record in science and conservation James cuts through the latest environmental topics, offering an honest account of the challenges we face.

Conservation might seem like an aside or a luxury to many of us, but its success is a story of wild, unrealistic, ambition from which we all can learn. James takes stories from around the world of starting small, but achieving the extrordinary, and boils down simple lessons to inspire audiences. James challenges audiences to do something extraordinary, but leaves them optimistic, rather than depressed at the state of our natural world.

Recent events have included TEDxQMUL, Explore at the Royal Geographical Society as well as guest lectures at Earthwatch and the Royal Over-Seas League, with clients including First Mile and overseas tour operators.

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“It was refreshing to have a speaker who talked with such passion”

– City of London Freemen’s

“You gave a splendid talk – cogent, passionate, clear and compelling.”

– Fellow of the Royal Society

“You had the audience hanging off your every word.”

– British Exploring

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