Four Reputable Sources of Conservation News

Here’s where I get my conservation news.


Mongabay is an environmental science and conservation news and information site. Much of Mongabay is non-profit- it’s the oldest, best and most respected conservation news provider.

The Guardian Environment

More commonly known as a main stream left-leaning news site, it’s one of the few National papers to consistently report environmental news.

The Conversation

An independent source of news and views from the academic and research community. Folks always say scientists don’t communicate enough – well this is trying to change that.


Conservation Bytes

A blog dedicated to highlighting, discussing and critiquing the science of conservation. It has a particular focus on Australia, and some great cartoons.


Popular Conservation Blogs…

Saving Species*

SavingSpecies saves and restores Earth’s biodiversity. We use conservation science to decide the best places to spend donations.

EDGE Blog*

Regular updates from a variety of scientists working on EDGE projects around the world.


An inspiring online adventure and exploration magazine run by John Summerton.

Adventurers and Scientists for Conservation

Working on matching up adventurers and citizen scientists with researchers who needs data from around the world.

Scientist at Work: Notes from the field

A field journal reporting on the progress of scientific expeditions and fieldwork, courtesy of the New York Times.

Natural History Bloggers

A useful database (bigger than this one) for UK based natural history bloggers.

Escape the City*

The network for people who want to do something a little bit different, they run a great blog and a weekly newsletter full of opportunities.

The Next Challenge

Run by Tim Moss who has organised all manner of expeditions (sciencey ones included), this is the perfect resource to turn an idea into reality. He offers free advice too.

The Snow Leopard Blog

A  guide to conservation and research on Snow Leopards from the 12 countries that are still home to these big cats.



Latest Blog Posts:

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A Big List of Other Conservation & Adventure Bloggers:

Al Humphreys

Probably the most inspirational and motivational blog I know of. It’s not got anything particular to do with science or conservation, just an appreciation of the spirit of adventure.

Kate Harris:

Insightful writing from this Canadian cyclist and scientist.

Jonny Miller

Runs a brilliant blog on his first hand experiences of wildlife and conservation issues, whilst working in Paraguay.

Martin Holland

A place to explore ideas and possibilities, and to share my journey toward the low-cost, low impact, creative, adventurous, love-filled, ethical, fulfilling, and financially independent life I really want (and so do you!).

Lawrence Ball

My fellow scientist in Oman, and also with experience in Peru and Madagascar. A great mix of writing and photography.

Dave Cornthwaite

An English adventurer with a few world records and a terrible fear of motors.

Lloyd Figgins

A British Adventurer and a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, who has led expeditions all over the world, and an expert in expedition risk management.

Jeff Ollerton

Professor of Biodiversity in the Department of Environmental and Geographical Sciences at the University of Northampton.

Alan Watson Featherstone

Executive Director of Trees for Life, writes about his experiences out in the Caledonian Forest, and about his work for the charity.

Useful Blog Posts

More Conservation & Adventure Bloggers

Muki Haklay

Personal blog from the Director of the UCL Extreme Citizen Science group and Professor of Geographic Information Science

Southern Fried Science

Southern Fried Science is a place to learn about marine science and conservation and explore the oceans.

Jayson Lusk

One of the most prolific and cited food and agricultural economists of the past decade – he asks the right questions, an we would all benefit by listening to the answers.

Euan Ritchie

I apply ecological theory with good doses of field work to seek solutions to the challenges of conserving biodiversity.

Diogo Verissimo

A conservation biologist, now working on the evaluation of behaviour change in conservation in partnership with RARE and Prof. Paul Ferraro, Georgia State University.

Deep Sea News

Demystifying and humanizing science in an open conversation that instills passion, awe, and responsibility for the oceans.

Hannah Rowland

I’m a Junior Research Fellow of Churchill College, Cambridge, and a member of the Behavioural Ecology Research Group.

Sarah-Jane Walsh

A scientist, blogger and amature photographer, currently a postgraduate research student at the University of Essex in the UK.

Dave Hone

My research focuses on the behavior and ecology of the dinosaurs and their flying relatives, the pterosaurs. In addition I write extensively online about palaeontology and science outreach.

International League of Conservation Photographers

Their mission is to further environmental and cultural conservation through photography.

Mark Sherz

I use my research together with my photography to achieve better outcomes, and increase publicity for the species and areas I study.

Neil Aldridge

A conservation photojournalism blog, created to share the ins and outs, ups and downs of my work as a photojournalist in the field of wildlife conservation and as a professional wildlife guide.

Luke Massey

Simply outstanding wildlife photography.

David Lloyd

A photographer of wildlife from New Zealand living in London.