A Week on the Hills

2012-10-01T23:41:54+01:00By |

One of the subtleties of the Scottish landscape is that everything is described as a hill. I've spent the last week up there (in the rain) on a variety of those hills doing a final spot of fieldwork before Winter closes in and covers everything in a few feet of snow.

A Year on from the End of Exams

2012-06-01T09:47:29+01:00By |

Watching the notifications of revision despair popping up from friends still at university, exam season is clearly upon us. I can barely believe that a year has flown past since I escaped the exam hall for good and set about putting it all to use.

Science and Expeditions

2014-11-08T14:09:59+00:00By |

Expeditions are about developing an understanding of the environment around you, and frequently - although it might not have been an intended outcome - an understanding of yourself..

Birds of the Middle East

2012-05-09T20:36:50+01:00By |

I'm not an avid bird watcher, more an interested observer, but in the space of a few weeks the scientific necessity of identifying and counting what we saw turned from a research theme to an obsession..

Success in Oman

2012-05-08T14:49:12+01:00By |

As was previously reported, against all our expectations, we have been successful in establishing the presence of Arabian Leopard in a remote part of Dhofar, Oman.

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