Fieldwork in the Scottish Highlands

2013-05-22T23:06:37+01:00By |

It's remarkably easy to sit in a centrally heated office, cosily hatching plans through the Winter. Distances look shorter, methods seem simpler and the prospect of a summer of fieldwork in the hills sounds positively straight forward.

A Week on the Hills

2012-10-01T23:41:54+01:00By |

One of the subtleties of the Scottish landscape is that everything is described as a hill. I've spent the last week up there (in the rain) on a variety of those hills doing a final spot of fieldwork before Winter closes in and covers everything in a few feet of snow.

Sledges and the Countryside

2012-05-12T13:49:09+01:00By |

Here in the UK we have huge sprawling cities, tens of millions of people and all the trappings of civilization. As such, I am hugely relieved that one can spend four days traveling, even with a car, and still regain that same sense of adventure that you might find half way around the world..

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