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Oman Camp Fire Team

Citizen Science And How Expeditions Can Leave A Lasting Legacy


From the swarms of crabs rolling across the beach, the militant camels that would raid our flour supplies, evening camp fires with our new Omani friends and of course the jet black night sky…

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South Africa Acacia Tree Leaves Close

“I could no longer continue taking a pro-science position on global warming and an anti-science position on G.M.O.s”


I read a fantastic article this week in the New York Times that really got me thinking about this, and I wanted to share it.

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IMG 25801

The Harsh Reality of Conservation


Lots of people start out in conservation because, unsurprisingly, they like animals. Yet the more time you spend in conservation, the more you recognize that doing what is best for the natural world, often results in difficult decisions and tough actions.

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IMG 2561

Have We Ceased To Empathise With Nature?


I generally have little time for the handy-wave empathetic or emotional side of conservation, full stop.

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