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10 ways to know when you’re on an expedition


Ever woken up, momentarily lost your bearings and forgotten where you are? Here’s 10 ways to know when you’re on an expedition…

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  1. You wake up staring at canvas or stars.

  2. You’ve thoroughly forgotten what day of the week it is.

  3. All the possessions that matter in life can and will fit into an 80L rucksack (or less).

  4. You communicate via satellite phone (which looks unfashionably like mobile from the early 90s).

  5. All food is meticulously shared, even down to breaking a biscuit seven ways.

  6. You tell friends that you didn’t shower for days (it was actually weeks).

  7. You’re a veteran of the ‘wet wipe wash’.

  8. You’re imaginative with your evening menu, Piranaha, Tutles eggs, Locusts perhaps?

  9. You’re brushing your teeth by head-torch light.

  10. You could roll and unroll a drybag blindfolded with one arm behind your back.

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  1. Markus Eichhorn
    Markus Eichhorn02-21-2013

    11. The addition of any form of flavouring to your meal seems like the most incredible taste sensation of your life.

    12. Your first thought on waking is “I hope someone’s started a fire”

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