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Escape the Zoo: Conservation and Optimism


The rabbit warren of securing research funding has meant I largely neglected science communication for the past few months. Writing well is hard, writing articles people will actually read is even harder! So it’s wonderful when nice people do a lot of the hard work for you, thanks Dan.

A few weeks ago it was my pleasure to talk all things conservation and optimism with Dan Clarke who runs a great long form podcast series called ‘Escape the Zoo‘. Despite having done a few podcasts recently, I don’t know much about actually presenting and processing a podcast – so I was immediately impressed by the big shiny microphone hanging infront of Dan when we connected in skype. He clearly means business!

It was even more exciting, that after he intereviewd me, Dan spoke to one of my all time heros –Jeremy Hance, of Mongabay fame. If you don’t know what a Solenodon is, then listen to Jeremy first!

If you have an appetite for more, then here’s a link to download my podcast, and many more!

Download the Podcast: HERE

Super Attention to Detail:

It’s also worth noting, just for a moment, how awesomely thoroughly Dan has followed up, and linked to, all of the topics I mentioned. See below! Now, if only more media was like this…

Sources for topics discussed:
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Joe Rogan Podcast:
Trophy Documentary:
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Mark Scherz Taxonomist:
Chytrid fungus:
The Sixth Extinction by Elizabeth Kolbert:
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Indonesia fishing village success story for manta rays:
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End of the Line documentary:
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Conservation Optimism:

P. S. The picture of the dude with the tiny chameleon is actually my good pal Lawrence Ball, he’s better looking, but we get mixed up a lot – mainly because we’ve worked together so much that he’s plastered all over this website. Check him out…

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  1. Bill Boteler
    Bill Boteler02-12-2020

    I just read that 1/3 of plants and animals could be gone in 50 years according to a climate-related study. I find it very hard to remain hopeful.

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