James Borrell is a biodiversity scientist and science communicator researching how people and nature can adapt to environmental change.

5 Things that Ordinary People Could Learn from David Attenborough

1. Sometimes the most important things to say can be made so obvious, that they don’t need to be said. Few people could present intelligent wild animals such as these Orangutan in such a delicate and sensitive light – food for thought, indeed.

2. At the same time, if something is truly worth doing, then it might be worth dedicating your life to it.

3. Take equal pleasure in the smallest things…

…and the greatest – very specifically, it’s his face at 00:20 (and 89 years old!)

4. Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, life simply doesn’t go to plan. Relax and enjoy the beauty of it.

5. And like all good things, strive to get better with age.