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9 Ways to know you’re home


Arriving home after weeks or months away is wonderful, but settling back into comfy UK life after a period spent on expedition, can present some challenges. Here’s nine commonly encountered issues:

  • By default, you tend to try and eat everything with a spoon.
  • You are indecisive when faced with breakfast choices; porridge, porridge or porridge seemed much simpler.
  • The sudden recollection that milk comes in liquid, not powdered form.
  • Sleepily trying to zip up the side of your duvet, convinced your sleeping bag is undone.
  • You unconsciously check your boots before you step into them.
  • Then realise that going to a shop probably doesn’t represent snake bite/rough terrain risk, hence doesn’t require walking boots.
  • You find a choice of clothing bewildering (and are stubbornly reluctant to move away from the craghopper/icebreaker combo).
  • People think you’ve been on holiday, you think you need a holiday.
  • You know the expedition beard needs a shave, but saying goodbye is harder than planned.

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