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Explore 2013: What stories can you tell from the field?

The best weekend of the year has come around again and adventurous folks from all around the country will be descending on the Royal Geographical Society.

Explore (officially the annual expedition fieldwork and planning weekend) has been hugely beneficial for me over the past few years. Not only with advice, inspiration and resources, but also just the realisation of this vast network of people all working on exciting and diverse projects, and overwhelmingly willing to give up their time to help each other. It’s definitely influenced what I do now.

So, with this in mind I’m particularly excited this year to be invited back as a speaker. I’ve soaked up so much useful information over the past couple of years, its a privilege to have the opportunity to give a little something back.

I’m helping out on the Sunday afternoon writing workshop with Kayla, Geordie (the editor of Geographical) and Fearghal, whose done a grand job of putting all this together. For my part, I’ll be talking about communicating from the field. Why you would want to. How you might go about it. Most importantly though I want to include examples, case studies of how important stories can be precisely because they are told from the field. If you have some nice examples or comments, please do share them below.

What stories can you tell from the field?

  • What messages have you sent back from expeditions and adventures?
  • Who were they for? Friends and family? Sponsors? Public awareness?
  • Why send them from the field (as opposed to telling everyone when you got back)?
  • What was the outcome? Did the stories have an impact?
  • Any tips?

If that jogs your memory, please do share your stories below…

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