James borrell is a conservation scientist and science communicator, with a particular interest in how species adapt to changing climate.

Why I’ll be missing Explore

Explore is the annual Royal Geographical Conference on expedition and fieldwork planning. To put it more accurately, it’s a wonderful old building filled with a collection of ordinary individuals, who do extraordinary things. It’s an event where ideas are formed, knowledge is shared, and I don’t think I just speak for myself when I say, a lot of people end up a tad inspired.

It’s because of all these things that I won’t be attending Explore this year.

At last years event I was lucky enough to hear a diverse range of talks. Some of my favorites were Pen Hadow who worked with the Catlin Arctic Survey, Dr Craig Turner talking about the EDGE Programme, and The Hungry Cyclist, who told us about pedaling the Americas in search of the perfect meal.

From what I’ve read, this year will be bigger and better than ever, and here’s how to get involved.

After learning so much and meeting so many people at Explore 2010, I’m now a few thousand miles away in South Africa working in the field, indebted to all the speakers that made even the most challenging ideas, seem quite achievable.


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