I run a group on Flickr with the aim of gathering together Inspiring Conservation Images from around the world. Taking the best and most exciting examples of science and fieldwork in diverse and remote locations to encourage the next generation of conservationists. Here's the latest offerings from the group. I hope you enjoy them, and please do head over to add your own images!

Inspiring Conservation Images (update)

Martina and Wendy Look for Zebras
Amazon royal flycatcher
Elephant Capture
Jackal Capture
Wildlife conservation
Over Etosha
Cardinals are Crabby: Seven Islands Wildlife Refuge
Fire Salamander - Transylvania
Black Caiman in Pacaya Samiria National Reserve, Peru
Fieldwork at Two Boat Lake, Greenland 2011
Paul Mitchell setting up camera trap - Transylvania
Earthwatch China 4
Tulamben Wreck - Bali
Bird Diversity Survey, Seven Islands Wildlife Refuge
Fish Survey 1
Bank vole
Butterfly hunters
Blood Pheasant
National Geographic - Setting up

Do you have photographs you would like to add to the group? Please do! You can find out more about the group..

Inspiring Conservation Images

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