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Over the past few years I’ve developed a love of photography as a means to help tell stories. Handily, the clever folks at Flickr rank your collection of photos by interestingness, I’m not sure how it works, but here’s their top ten…


Wadi SayqThe view from the head of Wadi Sayq, looking down towards the Arabian Sea.

Readying the dugouts at dawnAntonio, one of our indispensable guides in the Amazon, readying the dugouts at dawn.

DunesDunes in the Empty Quarter

Wildebeest StampedeWildebeest stampede at Nambiti, South Africa

Shadow on the sand at sunsetShadow on the sand at sunset

Boat approaches KhorkarfoutBoat approaching the beach at Khorkarfout

Clouds roll inIt very rarely rains here in Dhofar during winter, so when these clouds rolled in and it did in fact begin to rain, we had to move our base camp for fear of flash floods.

 Colours of the desertColours of the desert

Laying a camera trap with Dr MansoorLaying a camera trap in with Dr Mansoor of the Office of Conservation

Making bricksMaking bricks in the desert

I think it picks quite a few, quite similar photos. What do you think? Have you got any favourites on flickr?

  In any case, you can see some of my favorites here.

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  1. sam varney
    sam varney08-15-2012

    Hi James,
    I really like these shots – does this mean i am dull?!
    Your blog is looking really good – nice and clean with some lovely images and posts.
    Good to see it evolve over the last year.
    Just going to put one of your postcards up on our blog – was checking your map to see where you guys are.
    Hope you’re having good times in your Silverstick!

  2. 2wisemonkeys

    Great photos!! Love the dunes one 🙂

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