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Top 100 Conservation Twitter Accounts to Follow in 2014


Conservation Organisations


























Conservationists, Campaigners & Presenters


















Conservation Journalists

Conservation Photography



Conservation Scientists

























Wildlife Zoos

Conservation News and Magazines




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Africa Borrell Expedition 2017004

A Little List of Conservation Podcasts (to get you started)

I may be a little late to the party, but this past year I’ve discovered podcasts. As well as getting to grips with well some known science and technology series, I’ve also been on the look out for engaging conservation and environment podcasts.

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Conservation Bookshelf

(Another) Top 10 Books For Conservationists

Read something to change your mind.

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NatureWatch Conservation Petercooper James Borrell

How To Break Into Wildlife Filmmaking (by making your own luck)

A huge bugbear among many aspiring conservationists, is that most interesting conservation jobs and roles require experience. To get experience, you often need some previous experience.. and so it goes on and on until, eventually, you get lucky.

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Madagascar Life On The Edge 1

Film Premiere: Life on the Edge

Of all the adventures that working in conservation has brought my way, premiering a film has to be the one that I least expected. I’ve never been to a premiere before, I don’t know anything about films – in essence, I really have no idea what I’m doing!

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How to get into Conservation in 7 Easy Steps

I find best way to make them ordinary is to surround yourself with extraordinary people.

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IMG 5586

8 Reasons that Zoos are Critically Important for Conservation

A couple of weeks ago, there was an accident at Cincinnati zoo. A child fell into an enclosure with a gorilla named Harambe, and to protect the child the gorilla was shot.

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  1. Nick Askew
    Nick Askew01-30-2014

    Maybe next time we’ll make in into your list James? @conservcareers

    • James_Borrell

      Hi Nick,

      Absolutely, and for anyone reading this, do check them out!

  2. Andrew

    Thanks for the mention James. Much appreciated!

  3. Susan Cosier
    Susan Cosier01-30-2014

    I would add @OnEarthMag (and our editors)!

  4. James_Borrell

    Some more great recommendations from the Twitterverse… @GlobalEcoGuy @carlsafina

  5. A_Daish

    Great post-more female scientists please- I suggest @Pettorelli inspiring female conservationist

  6. Mandy

    Maybe add some more women? most people I know in the field are women actually

    • Mandy

      PS- A great one (woman to add) in the field of wildlife crime & conservation – @PaulineVerheij

  7. James_Borrell

    Thanks for the comments everyone.

    A_Daish and Mandy, I agree, I’ll work on updating it, thank you for the suggestions!

  8. Jamie Nami Kim
    Jamie Nami Kim02-01-2014

    Hi! Check out the incredible art work of Justin Brice.
    His instagram acc’t is Justin Brice.

    He is an American artist that uses photography as the medium to explore the themes of ecology and time.
    Mind boggling images of our planet.

    His projects take inspiration from wanderlust surrealists poets, 19th Century American landscape painters, classical Chinese scroll painting, NASA satellite imagery and biology.

  9. Megan Smith
    Megan Smith02-06-2014

    I would add @BlueOceanInst too! Great for the latest ocean issues.

  10. Brian Ford-lloyd
    Brian Ford-lloyd02-28-2014

    Can I nominate Agrobiodiverse – @agrobiodiverse – Agrobiodiversity is really important and it doesn’t seem to be represented in your list

  11. sleather2012

    Thanks for the mention James

  12. Doc Cig
    Doc Cig05-16-2014

    James, great blog.

    I absolutely agree that we need to highlight women conservationists more. I direct the environmental conservation program at an all women’s college so increasing the number and contribution of women conservationists is our mission. I have recently started a blog ( to highlight the work that my students and other women are doing to advance conservation. We also have a twitter (@cedarcrestcoll), facebook (EnviroConservation), and instagram (environment_cedarcrestcollege) accounts. Please check them out if you are interested.

  13. Steven Cheshire
    Steven Cheshire05-22-2014

    Hows about British Butterflies @britbutterflies ?

  14. The Outdoor Times (@TheOutdoorTimes)
    The Outdoor Times (@TheOutdoorTimes)06-16-2014

    I would recommend @GlacierWorks – they’ve been doing some fine work on raising awareness of Himalayan glacier melt – their excellent website is


  15. Mark Thorpe
    Mark Thorpe10-23-2014

    Would love to think we’d make any future list considerations. Getting huge RT’s and Faves for most of the conservation info and images we send out, Cheers, Mark @themoceanvibe

  16. Nat Moss
    Nat Moss11-29-2016

    This is wonderful. Would love for you to consider adding @WCSNewsroom, where the Wildlife Conservation Society shares breaking news from across the globe.

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