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2013: My Year of Citizen Science

Note: My year has now passed, but you can read a summary from the year, here. Most of the projects below can be done at any time, so please do have a browse and give them a try.

Science isn’t just for scientists, and you don’t have to be deep in the Amazon rainforest or on a remote Pacific Atoll to get involved with important conservation projects. In fact, although lots of ‘proper scientists’ are experts in their small fields, when it comes to any other topic, they are just citizen scientists too.

I think the real power of citizen science is down to three things.

  • It allows ordinary people to take part in real, important, awesome science projects.
  • Research has shown that data quality from Citizen Scientists can be excellent.
  • It makes huge ambitious project possible, thanks to an army of volunteers.

So here’s to the hundreds and thousands of wildlife loving armchair naturalists up and down the country, I hope you’ll accept my challenge.

Every month, I’m going to champion a new Citizen Science project or theme, and give you everything you need to get involved. We’ll start small, in fact in January we’ll start from the comfort of your armchair or the security of your smart phone. We’ll grow, and by the end of the year you’ll be a veteran citizen scientist. Stay tuned.


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