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12 Pieces of Advice for a PhD (in Conservation Biology)


You definitely don’t need a PhD, or any other qualification for that matter, to work in conservation. But, for some, it can be a great way in.

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Mark Thomas

Swapping Lloyds Bank for the Peruvian Amazon (how to get into conservation with no previous experience)


When searching for an internship online it was like a minefield, so many to choose from. Everyone I emailed sent me a sales pitch back, they all seemed like glorified travel agents, all too perfect.

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A New Species of Frog from Expedition Angano!


Just a few days ago we released a film of our research expedition, and now with excitement and fanfare we have a new paper out describing a new species of rough-skinned Gephyromantis frog.

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Do you Need a Masters or PhD to Work in Conservation?


Is science and academia the only route in? What if you’ve had a different career and want to move into the area – do you need to go back to university and study?

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Launching Expedition Angano: Conservation fieldwork in Northern Madagascar


I really can’t believe we have come this far, and we haven’t even set foot in Madagascar yet.

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TEDx: Is There Hope For Conservation?


I’m really thrilled that the video for my TEDx talk is now online!

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Oman Camp Fire Team

Citizen Science And How Expeditions Can Leave A Lasting Legacy


From the swarms of crabs rolling across the beach, the militant camels that would raid our flour supplies, evening camp fires with our new Omani friends and of course the jet black night sky…

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Is Rewilding The UK Really A Good Idea?


There’s nothing quite like mentioning rewilding to really put the cat among the pigeons (or the lynx among the grouse as it were).

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Crowdfunding Science on


Up until recently, what crowdfunding has really lacked is a website dedicated to science. So I was pretty excited to discover

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10 Things I Discovered From Exploring Lapland


Reindeer, peach and blue cheese go great on a pizza.

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A Lapland Photostory


Endless daylight, endless forests and endless lakes. These are the things I’ll remember about Lapland.

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Dundreggan Birch

Trees for Life: Restoring the Caledonian Forest


I’m currently working on a project up in the Scottish Highlands together with the fantastic organisation Trees for Life. Their Dundreggan estate in Glen Moriston holds..

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