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Women in Conservation (and on Twitter)


The only way we will tackle conservation issues successfully is with a diverse range of people from all walks of life, both men and women, from many different countries with many different skills…

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How to.. Set Up A Conservation Blog


Conservation is a great thing to write about, and for this reason I’m frequently get emails from people thinking of starting their own websites and blogs. To help answer their questions, I thought I’d share a few of the things I learn’t from setting up my own site.

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Its Not The Highest Biggest Or Deepest But Crikey Loch 8979375647 L

Guest Blog For Summit Clothing


A few weeks ago the folks at Summit Clothing asked for my opinion on a couple of interesting conservation and sustainability issues.

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Top 100 Conservation Twitter Accounts to Follow in 2014


Interested in conservation? Here’s 100 of the best conservation related Twitter accounts, including official organisations, scientists, campaigners, journalists, photographers and news sites.

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My Year in 13 Photographs


Scotland, Lapland, Fieldwork, Walking the Tube, Liquid nitrogen and other adventures from 2013.

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A Leopard For Every Student


I like to show people places that they have never heard of, and beautiful animals they didn’t know existed. I feel really lucky to have that opportunity.

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My Favourite Book This Year


One-third of the world’s wild nature has been lost since I was a child and first heard the word ‘conservation’. That’s what keeps me awake at night.

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Tbilisi Botanic Gardens


Tucked away in the gorge behind the imposing Narikala fortress, is a remarkable hidden gem.

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Adventurers and Scientists for Conservation


Anyone who knows me or reads this blog, will probably know how much I hark on about the joys of science and adventure.

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How to… Have a citizen science microadventure


Science and adventure go hand in hand. In the same way that you don’t need to fly to the other side of the world, climb mountains or row oceans to have an adventure. You don’t need to lead an expedition to the depths of the unexplored amazon to do science.

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Camera Trap Images From Finnish Lapland


I was mainly studying plants, but couldn’t help packing a camera trap on the off chance of catching something exciting.

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On Graduating and The Real World (it’s OK to do something different)


When you graduate, a lot of people tell you that you need to join the real world. That you can’t necessarily expect to enjoy work because it’s work.

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