James Borrell is a biodiversity scientist and science communicator researching how people and nature can adapt to environmental change.

Citizen Science Challenge #6: Tree Health Survey

The publicity that Ash Dieback received has suddenly propelled Tree Health to the top of the environmental agenda.

To capitalist on the enthusiasm of the public to help, Open Air Laboratories (OPAL), have developed a Tree Health Survey to ”Help scientists monitor and protect our trees, forests and woodland”. It’s a brilliant initiative because it really values the help of the public. It simply wouldn’t be possible for scientists to keep a look out for disease across the whole country, and so they need your help!

Pests and disease are of course a natural threat for trees, but humans have in many cases inadvertently accelerated their spread into new and vulnerable areas. So lets take an opportunity to learn about Ash Dieback, the Emerald Borer, Oak Precessionary Moth and Longhorn Beetles, and contribute to Citizen Science in the process.

Head over to the OPAL Explore Nature Website..

How to Take Part:

Step 1Request a free survey pack, which comes with a cracking poster and ID guide along with lots of useful info. (Here’s mine).

Have a Go!

Step 2Start surveying! The best part about these Citizen Science projects is that they get you outside!

Enter Your Results:

Step 3Enter your results online and watch the results role in to the interactive map.





Have you given the Tree Health Survey (or any of the other citizen science projects!) a go? Share your experiences with everyone else in the comments below.



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